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Why I’m Not Going Back to the Tatton Park Foodies Fest

I’ve already made an Emma Visits video about the Foodies Fest at Tatton Park, which you can watch below. But I wanted to share some other thoughts about the fest.

Unfortunately, because of the large music stage, it was very difficult to shoot segments of me just talking to the camera. Because of this, I wasn’t able to share my thoughts on the food and the festival as much as I would have liked.

So, that crab tempura. It was a bit disappointing I have to admit. It was essentially a whole soft-shell crab fried in tempura batter.

There wasn’t much crab flavour to it and the overall effect was like I was eating the tail end of prawn tempura. And I don’t mean the meaty part, I mean that crunchy tail part at the very end.

The Bao bun was great, you can’t really go wrong with pulled pork on a steamed bun.

Another food I tried that wasn’t in the video was a boar burger. I’ve had boar sausages before which were amazing. Sadly, this burger didn’t quite live up to it. It just tasted like a regular burger.

The mix of stalls and stands was pretty good. I brought home some gourmet marshmallows and these really tasty indian spiced banana chips (I really wish I’d bought another bag of those).

As I mentioned in the video I wasn’t able to drink, which is a shame because when you’re there it kinda feels like half the point. There are SO many Gin places and stalls offering prosecco. These are pretty much my 2 favourite drinks so to say I was a little sad to be driving, was an understatement.


I don’t normally bring up the cost of events like this unless I think it worth mentioning. For this, I think it’s fair to bring up.

An individual ticket cost £19. But on top of that, we had to pay an extra £7 to get in to Tatton Park, (call it a parking charge). So for 2 of us to be there it cost a not small amount of £45.

But was it worth it? To be honest, not really. The festival isn’t huge and some of the things on offer can be found at similar events with free entry. Add on the fact you’ll be paying a lot for the food you’re eating and it becomes one very expensive day.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll go to this particular event again if the cost stays as high as it is.

I did have fun still and I do love food events, so I’ll be looking out for other ones near me. And if I can use public transport to get there, even better!

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